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Revision of Drinking Water Directive (DWD): harmonisation is key
Cefic statement on publication of European Commission’s REACH review  

The Commission’s Evaluation concludes that REACH is addressing today's citizens' concerns about chemical safety and has been successful in setting high standards for the safe management of chemicals to protect people and the environment.  We agree with the Commission’s conclusion that there is no need for any drastic changes to the regulation to achieve its goals.

The Commission’s text highlights several areas where the implementation can be improved to make REACH more effective. None of these recommendations for improvement come as a surprise to the industry and the Commission’s findings are generally consistent with our assessment of the situation. 

Read the full article here.
New business opportunities in recycling, says Cefic’s DG 
Interviewed this week by UK trade magazine ICIS, Cefic DG Marco Mensink said industry welcomes the European Commission’s recycling targets published in January, but the EU28 will need to improve their recycling systems to achieve a more unified approach. Read the full article
EU chemicals output climbs above its pre-crisis level 
The world business climate has improved considerably. Chemicals output grew 3.6% from January to December 2017, surpassing its pre-crisis level for the first time. Chemicals prices surged 5.1% during the same period, while the first eleven months of the year saw total sales and chemicals consumption go up significantly. Download the chemical trends report
Cefic recognised at European Association Awards 2018

Cefic’s advocacy work was recognised at the European Association Awards 2018. Cefic was awarded the Gold Award – Winner of the Best Association Lobbying or Advocacy Campaign for its longstanding work to Safeguard the Competitiveness of European Manufacturing Industries and pushing for a new EU industrial policy. Read the full article
Re-finding industry’s role in FP9, Key Enabling Technologies and PPPs 
Launching the “Re-Finding Industry” report of the High Level Strategy Group on Industrial Technologies, at the EU Industry Days events on February 23, 2018, European Commissioner for Research, Innovation & Science Carlos Moedas outlined the Group’s preliminary findings on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) strategy and their role in a future European innovation landscape. Read the full article
Solvent volatile organic compound emissions stabilise 
Solvent volatile organic compound (VOC)* emissions have stabilised in the EU28 since 2008 at just under 2 000k tonnes, according to updated inventories published by ESIG, the European Solvents Industry Group. The industry has shown continuous commitment to improving air quality, reducing VOC emissions from solvents by more than 60% since 1990. Read the full article.
Adding calcium chloride to de-icing salts is good for the environment and can reduce road maintenance costs 
Adding calcium chloride to de-icing salts reduces the negative impact of de-icing solutions on the environment, says new research done by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). Read the full article
Creating a more innovation-friendly regulatory environment – have your say
Cefic, together with other sector associations, launched two surveys mid-February to collect feedback on specific pieces of legislation or standards acting as bottlenecks to innovation. The surveys will run until March 19, 2018 in the context of the HARMONI project and can be filled out here. Read the full article from the membership portal (your login is your email)

83 days to REACH deadline

Use residual heat to warm households

A new project improves child nutrition in South Africa and shows circular economy in action

Chemical industry-led consortium to buy renewable energy from offshore wind farm

As a Cefic member you can submit your example of a sustainable solution to ChemistryCan, please email us
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